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Soxhlet Extraction

Soxhlet Extraction
  1. Heater Mantle Type : Unit of three or six. Available in different capacities.
  2. Hot Plate Type : Tis heater is used to heat soxhlet flasks and it consists of a mild steel housing. Unit of three or six. Three or six hot plates of dia 4 1/2" are mounted on top of the housing and can be operated by individual a) ON/OFF switch b) Rotary switch c) Energy regulator as per requirements. Mild steel housing has two rods with two adjustable cross rods on which the glass apparatus can be fixed. Electrically operated on 220 / 230 volts AC mains with max. power rating of 900 watts. The apparatus is supplied without glass parts.
  3. Glass Parts : Complete with one flask and bulb condenser with interchangeable joints. Different capacities.
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